Honest mechanics & top notch auto repair! 

Pairing that with extended parts warranties makes US your service shop!

Vehicle Diagnostic

Check engine light diagnostic can be stressful and time consuming. It's the same for any auto repair diagnostic.  Our mechanic can save you that trouble!  Our ASE certified mechanics can diagnose your cars symptoms, whether its overheating, the motor is running rough, or the car wont start.  Whatever the problem, we can help.

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Routine Auto Repair

Our mechanics are happy to help with those quick vehicle maintenance repairs.   The little but important things that your car needs, like an oil change, brake pad replacement, tune up, NC State Inspection, A/C Service, and much more!  No job is too big or too small and they are all important to your vehicle's well being!

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Certified Mechanics

Our mechanics can handle big jobs too!  Maybe your vehicle's motor is knocking or you hear a tap in the motor that is driving you crazy.  We can help figure out what your next step is.  Don't assume that you need to replace the motor or transmission.  Either way, we can help, from replacing the head gasket to the whole motor.

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Why Intercoastal?

Auto repairs by a professional has it's benefits.  There are so many reasons why the mechanics at Intercoastal Car Care Center should be your first choice for auto repair!

Extended Parts Warranty

We are a certified Napa Autocare Center!  So, what does that mean for you and your car?  It means that you will have longer warranties on any part that we use from Napa Auto Parts.  It also means that those parts are covered all across the country.  If the Napa part that we use to repair your vehicle ends up having a defect, you can have it replaced at any Napa Autocare Center in the nation!  There is no extra charge to the customer.

Honest Mechanics

The mechanics, owner and the service writers here at Intercoastal understand how hard it is to find a mechanic that you can trust.   It was part of the inspiration for us to offer auto repair services in Leland, NC.  The struggle is real but not anymore!  Our customers and their vehicle's well being are our top priority.   We strive to create strong relationships with our customers and offer affordable auto repairs.  You can rest assured knowing that we stand behind our work and that we care about you and your vehicle maintenance.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Our automotive diagnostic mechanic is top notch and diagnosing your check engine light is rarely a simple task.  We can diagnose that weird noise coming from your car or motor.  We can figure out why you are leaking fluids or why your car is over heating.  Bring your vehicle to a technician with diagnostic experience.

Just to name a few!

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