Auto Repair Philosophy

At Intercoastal Car Care Center, it's not just about fixing cars and emergency auto repair.  It's about routine maintenance to preserve your vehicle's well-being and part replacements that fix the problem the first time.   It's about folks in and around Leland NC being able to rest easy knowing that their vehicle is in the hands of an honest and reliable mechanic.   We value our customers and we want to be their service shop.   That means providing friendly customer service, quality parts with extended and nationwide warranties, honest vehicle diagnostics and top of the line auto repair by an experienced mechanic!

Intercoastal Car Care

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Passionate Mechanic

The owner of our automotive repair facility in Leland, NC has always had a passion for cars, family and friends.  His story started as a kid watching his father provide by transporting vehicles and repairing cars in a small country town.  "Auto Repair is a valuable service but people need honest mechanics."  We fast forward many years to see him follow in his father's footsteps.  Knowing how hard it is to find a mechanic that you can trust is where the focus and vision started.  You have to take care of your customers and they are what it's all about!  That's what our mechanics in Leland are here for!

Intercoastal Car Care and our mechanics in Leland, NC are anxious to extend our friendly customer service to you.   Come by and join the family for your auto repair needs.

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