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No AC means melting hot sweating
Summer is here and in full effect!   Being stuck without air conditioning in your car, with that sun beating down, is a situation no one wants to be in.   We had record heat this year, which means that air conditioner is working harder than it ever has.   We all need that car AC to be at its best and just a small leak can have you sweating before you know it.   All of a sudden your vehicle's A/C is blowing hot and hopefully you don't happen to be driving to Florida for that family vacation when it happens.   Only time will tell but you can stay ahead of it.   It would be wise and could save you a heat stroke to have your AC system checked before a problem arises.   It's not expensive and wont take much time out of your day to do so.   Do yourself and your family a favor by getting it checked soon.

Now that you have decided to get that auto AC checked, what is the next step?   Hopefully you already have a mechanic that you trust and can call to set an appointment.   And hopefully that mechanic works at Intercoastal Car Care Center in Leland NC.   If there is a problem, it might not require replacing the whole AC system.  
Keep that auto ac blowing cold
Service techs without sufficient experience and know how, tend to jump to the worst case scenario.   So, having a mechanic that has the knowledge and equipment to check your AC components and refrigerant level properly, is super important.   Make sure that your mechanic fits the bill.   There is no shame in taking your vehicle to another auto repair shop if your regular service center doesn't have the necessary equipment.   You can rest assured knowing that if you are local to Wilmington or Leland NC, Intercoastal Car Care has got you covered.   Auto AC repair is one of our focus points and we always have a qualified AC tech on staff.   We also have the equipment necessary to check the health of your car's air conditioner.   As well as the tools and experience to diagnose any automotive air conditioning problems.
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